Arbor Investment Planner Offers Two New Premium Service Plans

by KenFaulkenberry

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Two New Premium Service Plans

Two New Premium Service Plans

The Arbor Investment Planner is a value investment portfolio management guide providing free and premium educational services for the self directed investor.  I have added two premium service plans. The new quarterly and annual plan options offer members savings compared to the monthly plan.

My name is Ken Faulkenberry, I founded the Arbor Investment Planner to educate and empower individuals to manage their own investments. Many investors don’t feel comfortable or lack the time to manage their own investment portfolio. Yet there are significant benefits of self directed investing, such as staying in control of your own assets, reduced expenses, and increased returns.

Investors are being ripped off by high fees that destroy long term returns. The average long term real returns (after inflation) in stocks is 6.5%. If you are paying mutual fund and advisory fees of 1.5% to 3.5%, you have lowered your returns to 3 -5% per year.

In addition, most investors invest too aggressively because they are not taught proper portfolio risk management.  If you take the time to explore the AAAMP Blog you will find educational resources that will empower you to take control of the most important financial endeavor of your life.

I focus on concepts for the individual investor who desires a more risk adverse approach than is normally taught on Wall Street. Volatility causes the average investor to lose their capital because they don’t make the proper adjustments. Do you realize that if you lose 50% then make 50%, you are not even but have lost 25%? Valuable concepts such as these are illustrated here:

Explore the AAAMP Blog

Take the time to explore my blog. I know there will be subjects that will interest you.  Here are a few articles to get started with:

Risk Management Solutions In Investing

Investing Concepts to Manage a Portfolio

Investment Decisions Should Be Valuation-Based

Value Strategies For Asset Allocation

32 Investment Rules and Strategies to Make You a Better Investor

Premium Service

Is you agree with my philosophy you may want to consider my premium service plans. The Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) is my own retirement portfolio which I share with my members. Trade alerts are sent out before I make any changes so members can decide whether they want to make the trade with me or not.

After each trade an AAAMP portfolio update is sent out. The portfolio has a simple layout that clearly exhibits the holdings in 4 categories: Global Income, Dividend Growth, International Growth, and Aggressive Growth.

I make it simple enough for anyone to follow. But I’m always available for questions. Many of my members want to learn, and as you can tell from my Blog, I love to teach people how to be successful at investing their money.

Think how good you will feel controlling your own money!

Think how good you will feel saving the mutual fund and advisory fees you pay now!

Think how good you will feel implementing sound value investing strategies that lower your risk!

All plans come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If the Arbor Investment Planner is not for you I will promptly return your membership fee.

Get started right now!  Premium Plans

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AAAMP Blog by Ken Faulkenberry
Ken Faulkenberry earned an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business with an emphasis in investments. Ken has 25 years of investment experience and is dedicated to helping people with self-directed investment management through the Arbor Investment Planner. His asset allocation strategies have an outstanding performance record.
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